What is Kilowatt Quest?

Hi I'm George Everitt. I am the Founder of Kilowatt Quest.

I have spent the past 30 years in software development and consulting and have written software that many of you have probably used.   I specialize in information retrieval and was involved with the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, have worked with the International Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions, and done significant work with many Fortune 500 companies like Bloomberg and Coca Cola.

The Problem

As a Tesla owner and enthusiast, I realized that Tesla drivers have time available while their cars are charging at superchargers.

It occurred to me that this was an opportunity to connect with local businesses, with other Tesla owners, and to make their waiting time fun!

The Solution

George Everitt - Founder

George Everitt - Founder

My solution to this problem is to create a mobile app that engages local businesses with discount coupons and other offers, provides for dynamic social engagement with other Tesla owners, and incorporates gamification with prizes, quests and other fun challenges.

Why am I doing this?

I am so passionate about this because as an early adopter, with over 120,000 miles on my Tesla, and many cross-country trips under my belt, I wanted to make supercharging fun.


I'm seeking feedback from the Tesla community in creating the kind of product that will not only be useful, but also fun.  If you own a Tesla, or hope to own one soon, please consider liking us on facebook and signing up with our mailing list. 

Sign up now to follow our progress and be the first Tesla Owner on your block to join the Kilowatt Quest juggernaut!

George Everitt