Who is Phthalo Joule?

I named my 2013 Tesla Model S "Phthalo Joule". 

"That's weird", you may be muttering to yourself.  

I agree.  But like many things in life, there is an occult logic to it.  


Phthalo is not even really a word, at least to my blog editing software.   It gets underlined by the on-demand spell checker.  Clearly, whoever built the dictionary for the spell checker is not a fan of the late Bob Ross.  Phthalo Blue is one of the colors that Mr. Ross used in most of his paintings - at least those that had water in them.  

Phthalo Joule the car, is in fact blue.  She's not quite phthalo blue, but she's close enough.  In 2013, the blue color was very dark, and was often mistaken for black.  The new blue paint for Model 3 is closer to phthalo blue than either my blue or the newer Model S and Model X blue.   

Fun fact:  I'm blue-green color blind.  So phthalo blue may be quite different from what I see.  


I'm very disappointed that diphthongs are for vowels only.  A diphthong is a two or more vowels that are pronounced as two separate sounds.   For example, the "oi" in "coin" is a diphthong, while the "ea" in "feat" is not.  The reason I'm disappointed that "phth" is a quadgraph rather than a diphthong is that saying "phth is my favorite diphthong" would be much cooler than saying "phth is my favorite quadraph".  Meh. 

Fortunately, most people don't remember what a diphthong is - so I occasionally will say that "phth is my favorite diphthong".   So far, I've not been called out on it.  


Joule is a unit of measurement for work or energy.   It's actually a pretty small unit of energy, equivalent to one 3600th of a watt-hour.  One joule expended will probably not move my stopped Tesla at all.   It would be dissipated as heat before it can overcome the coefficient of static friction caused by the tires.  


Joule is a homonym for "jewel", which is a not-unheard-of girl's name.  In English, objects generally do not have gender, but traditionally, ships and automobiles are referred to as "she".  

So my car is named "Blue Jewel",  when translated from the original Nerdish moniker "Phthalo Joule". It's an inside joke with myself.   Luckily, it's shared with you now, and you can't unsee it. 

You're welcome.





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