Atari is Japanese for Checkmate

A shot across the bow

Say you have a great idea for a new app.  It is geared toward Tesla owners and enthusiasts.  It will have cool integrations with your car and the Supercharger network.  It will have gaming aspects, integrations with real-world retailers and provide social features.  Kind of like Pokemon Go meets Groupon.  The idea is 30 days old.

You are minding your own business, and then these tweets show up in your feed: 


There are a couple of ways to take this.  At a Tesla owner, it sounds like a whole lot of fun to have onboard video games, especially a racing game integrated with the actual steering wheel.  As an app developer, who is working on gamifying supercharged road trips, it walls off some functionality against which it would be foolish to compete.  

How does this affect KWQ?

I'm not going to pretend this does not affect Kilowatt Quest plans.  Luckily, we are not so far into it that we can't pivot without losing momentum.  

Kilowatt Quest is modeled after role-playing games rather than arcade games.  Going on a quest will be more like a scavenger hunt than a shootem-up. Key to this will be participation of vendors near the Supercharger stations who will provide real-world offers and prizes for completing in-game tasks. 


We will keep an eye on the marketplace.  With the arrival of Model 3, there's about to be a buttload of new Teslas on the road.  We want to provide those new owners with yet another reason to love their car and take more trips powered by electrons.  

All but the most cynical shorts think putting Atari easter-eggs in Teslas is a fun idea. Kilowatt Quest wants to be part of that fun as well.  We'll continue ot keep you updated on our progress as we continue on.

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